What will it cost to treat my weed problem ?

Cost will vary greatly depending upon several factors which include:

• Type of Spraying required; Broadcast, Hand Spraying or Backpack Spraying.  Broadcast spraying is the most efficient and lowest cost type of spraying we do. Some areas cannot be broadcast and require hand spraying using an extension hose and handgun. When access with an ATV is not possible due to natural barriers or steepness of the terrain, we utilize backpack sprayers.

• Number of acres – In general, we can offer a discounted rate per acre when spraying larger properties of twenty or more acres.

• Type and extent of weeds present – The types and densities of the weeds present dictate the application rate and chemicals used.

• Time of year – maturity of weeds – Early spring applications when competing vegetation is low and weeds are just sprouting is the most effective time to spray. Later summer applications when native grasses are high and weeds are maturing has a lower control rate and requires higher application rates.

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